Alex Arjuna Hughes

Alex Arjuna Hughes


actor. writer. director.

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bound: the series.

Alex is a co-creator, writer, and featured actor for Bound: The Series

Focusing on a Narcotics Enforcement Agency that works to target drug dealers to reduce street level drug activity, Bound follows Jacob Phillips, an out gay agent, as he tries to find a balance in his feelings of allegiance to his job, a codependent friendship, and a new man. In a place where the "good guys" get to identify how someone defines themselves, Jacob tries to find out if it is even possible to be a hero.

Bound is an official selection of the NYC Web Fest, Chain NYC Film Festival, LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival, and a Top Shorts award winner.

Watch the first four episodes of Bound: The Series, now playing on Vimeo.

follow along at, and on instagram @boundseries.

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life or death, basically.

In addition to his work as an actor and a writer, Alex is also a director and a producer.

He is the director and producer of Life or Death, Basically, a web series about addictive love, codependence, and mental illness, seen through the eyes of Maggie, a young writer with borderline personality disorder.

Life or Death, Basically was written and created by Kimberly Rolfs, and season one is now live on Vimeo and The ON! Channel, a new streaming site for original web content, where it was picked up as one of the first web series offerings on the platform this summer. It was also an official selection of the New Media Film Festival, a Stareable Staff Pick, an International Independent Film Award Winner, and has been featured on sites like Bitch Media and Script Magazine.

Watch season one of Life or Death, Basically, now playing on Vimeo and The ON! Channel.

follow along at, on instagram @lifeordeathbasically, and on twitter @lodbasically.

up next.

Our Possible Life, a new original web series set to shoot its pilot this December.

The series was created and written by Alex, along with co-writer Kimberly Rolfs. Alex is also directing the series and playing the lead role of Tristen.

In Our Possible Life, a group of guardians are trained to disavow their human impulses in order to devote themselves to an in-person crisis hotline to comfort people at risk of suicide. When a guardian and a client begin to form a genuine connection, however, both are forced to come to terms with the possibility that they are both too damaged to ever achieve authentic intimacy. 



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