international independent film award winner.

Life or Death, Basically, which Alex directed and produced, was selected as a Silver Winner in the International Independent Film Awards.

Read more about the IIFA here.

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new media film festival official selection.

Life or Death, Basically, which Alex directed and produced, was an official selection for the 2018 New Media Film Festival, and had its world festival premiere and Los Angeles premiere at the festival in June.

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Read more about the New Media Film Festival here.

splinter and crack.

Alex starred as Craig in the world premiere of Splinter and Crack at Juniper Productions in Philadelphia.

Truth may be absolute, but reality is subjective in Jessica Bedford’s new play, SPLINTER AND CRACK, a darkly comic, multi-generational drama that reveals how Rosemary, a hoarder and academic, experiences the world around her, and the family conflicts that arise as a result. In a play that explores the old adage, “if these walls could talk,” the audience is immersed in her world, sharing her secrets as the structures around her begin to stutter, shake – and crack.

Splinter and Crack was written by Jessica Bedford and directed by Harriet Power.

Read more about the production here.

“'Splinter and Crack' at Juniper Productions: A chase across time and psyche, with breaking hearts” - The Philadelphia Inquirer


life or death, basically premiere.


Life or Death, Basically, which Alex directed and produced, premiered its first season on January 27.

Read more about Life or Death, Basically here.

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“WRITERS ON THE WEB: Life or Death, Basically Web Series Explores Living With Borderline Personality Disorder” - Script Magazine

“Daily Staff Pick” - Stareable




Alex starred as Sandeep in an acclaimed production of Aaron Loeb’s Ideation at Theater Exile in Philadelphia.

Ninety minutes from now, a group of stressed-out corporate consultants is slated to present their work on a mysterious project.
It's time to brainstorm within the morally ambiguous parameters they've been given so they can make it to their kids' soccer games and continue their ill-advised affairs. But as they work, the question of what they aren't being told looms ever larger, becoming harder to ignore. If something truly monstrous is going on, it wouldn't be happening over Starbucks scones... would it? A ferocious and hilarious thriller.

Ideation was directed by Theatre Exile founding artistic director Joe Canuso.


DC Metro Theater Arts

"A stellar cast of five delivers hilarious tour-de-force portrayals... ... The top-notch performances – each and every one is uproarious – build to a frenzy... Theatre Exile at its finest, funniest, and most ferocious."


"A deliciously tense production... ... The play’s real strength — and the production’s, too, with a bang-up cast — comes from the conundrum it poses by pitting the greater good against a great evil."

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"This will make Glengarry Glen Ross look like child's play... ... A play that races on, both terrifying and amusing... ... Joe Canuso has directed this strong cast with just the right ambiguity of tone." 

Burlington County Times

“Loeb’s “Ideation” is a one of kind theatrical experience, one that will leave audiences awed and totally engaged. … Good theater can do no more. And should do no less.”

Broad Street Review

Joe Canuso’s cast revels in the rat-a-tat dialogue…they ride this wild play with verve and skill. … This script feels written for Theatre Exile…a sharp beginning for their season.”


“Director Joe Canuso’s first-rate cast run through the obfuscating language with natural ease. … [they] bring convincing individuality to the characters.”

Read more about the production here.


middle of somewhere.

Alex is featured in the new web series Middle of Somewhere. Watch the trailer below.




Alex starred as Abe in Disgraced at the Black Box Performing Arts Center in Teaneck, New Jersey. 

Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize, Disgraced centers around Amir Kapoor, a successful Pakistani-American lawyer who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots. Emily, his wife, is white; she's an artist, and her work is influenced by Islamic imagery. When the couple hosts a dinner party, what starts out as a friendly conversation escalates into something far more damaging.


Disgraced was directed by Black Box PAC artistic director Matt Okin.

Read more about the production here.

“Pulitzer Prize Winner DISGRACED Comes To Black Box PAC” - BroadwayWorld

“National & Local Thought Leaders To Host Talkbacks After DISGRACED at BBPAC Teaneck” - BroadwayWorld


chain nyc film festival official selection.

Bound: The Series, which Alex co-wrote and co-created, is an official selection for the 2017 Chain NYC Film Festival. Bound will be screened at the festival on Tuesday, August 8 at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. It will be screened along with four other LGBTQ shorts. 

Read more about the Chain NYC LGBTQ screening block here.


top shorts award winner.


Bound: The Series, which Alex co-wrote and co-created, received an Honorable Mention in the LGBTQ category of the Top Shorts Festival. It was the top voted audience short and one of the top 7 LGBTQ shorts in the Audience Awards. 

Read the Audience Awards article about the LGBTQ Top Shorts Festival here.


love letters made easy.

Alex recently starred in Love Letters Made Easy with the AlphaNYC Theater Company.


audience awards official selection.

Bound: The Series, which Alex co-wrote and co-created, was an official selection for the 2017 LGBTQ Shorts Festival and the Top Shorts Festival. 

2017 LGBTQ Shorts Festival - Bound: The Series